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Are you ready to equip your students to embark on a transformative journey toward a successful and fulfilling career? Look no further than our AI Career Coach tool which takes job readiness to unprecedented heights.

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Why Academy Xi's AI Career Coach?

Academy Xi's AI Career Coach revolutionises career services by addressing the challenges faced by small teams tasked with serving large numbers of students. In an era of low student engagement, repetitive tasks, subpar resumes, and unpreparedness for job interviews, the AI Career Coach emerges as the ultimate solution. Our AI Career Coach solves many challenges including: 

  • Automates Repetitive Tasks: Streamlining routine tasks through automation allows career services to focus on personalised guidance and strategic support for learners.

  • Boosts Learner Engagement: The interactive nature of AI Career Coach captivates students, making career guidance more engaging and effective.

  • Improves Resume Quality: The automated Resume Builder & Reviewer ensures that student resumes adhere to industry standards, optimising their chances in the job market.

  • Prepares Learners for Job Interviews: The dynamic Interview Practice Module, powered by ChatGPT, offers unlimited mock interviews with real-time feedback, enhancing students' interview skills and boosting their confidence.

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What's Involved?

Interview Practice Tool

  • ChatGPT Evaluates Answers
  • Counsellors Guide ChatGPT’s Assessment
  • Speech & Posture Analysis
  • Counsellor Review & Self Review

Resume Builder and Optimiser

  • ChatGPT Assisted Resume Creation
  • AI Resume Review on 50+ Parameters
  • Identifies Missing Keywords from JDs

Additional Tools

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimiser
  • Cover Letter Builder
  • Student Engagement Module
  • Counsellor Review
  • Progress Reports
  • Budget-Conscious Solutions

University Career Partners:

Enquire with our helpful team today to get more information on our AI Career Coach.

Why Academy Xi?

Upskill, reskill or completely switch careers with our intensive online courses. Reach out to our helpful team with any further questions or inquiries whether related to the AI Career Coach, or our range of individual or enterprise-level courses.


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Enquire with our helpful team today to get more information on our AI Career Coach.

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